Business VoIP Makes Sure You Never Miss A Call

What happens when a potential client tries to get in touch, but the call never comes through? Do you think they’ll keep calling, or move on and try someone else with a more reliable phone system?

This is why a dependable business telephony system is so important – it’s your first line of contact with your clients, those current and to-be.

Why Choose VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony delivers all the features of your current landlines (as well as some you may not have access to yet) at a minimal upfront cost and absolutely no hardware or software to self-manage. Because there’s no onsite infrastructure to configure or maintain, VoIP easily scales to your organization’s particulars – whether you’re a single office or a network of multiple locations.

Stress-Free Phones

Business Telephone Services in Toronto
VoIP telephones are delivered by carrier-grade multi-redundant class 4/5 switches supported by leading U.S. and Canadian telephone service providers. The additional support provided by the multi-carrier system is a critical component in ensuring 99.99% SLA.

The 3 Step Process For VoIP Phones

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    Bring your existing phone number, or get a new one that better suits what you do.

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    Customize your VoIP configuration by adding users extensions, IP phones & conference hardware, and additional phone numbers as need be.

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    Gain access to VoIP-based advantages, including more than 40 features, unlimited US/Canada minutes, and an average savings of 44%.