Has the Leadership Team of Your GTA Distribution or Warehousing Business Lost Confidence in Your Current IT Support Provider?

IT Support for Distribution and Warehousing

We protect IT assets and infrastructure from environmental concerns (such as dust, debris, heavy equipment, and dirty work gloves) which could harm the hardware.

To support the work you do, we migrate your operations to the cloud. This one simple move increases the ability to work collaboratively, to easily track shipments and inventory, and to access your important data regardless of your location.

As much as we possibly can, we automate workflows to increase efficiencies while still keeping errors to an absolute minimum.

Generic IT solutions simply aren’t going to meet your needs for inventory, shipping, receiving, and warehousing processes. The Checksum Systems team will migrate and support software specific to the distribution and warehousing industry such as Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, and Great Plains.

What Kind of Problems will Checksum Systems Solve for You?

  • Mobility Problems
  • Expansion and Multiple Location Problems
  • Inventory Management Problems
  • Cyber Security Problems
  • Logistics Management Problems
  • Communication and Collaboration Problems

Why continue to struggle with managing your IT on your own?

A partnership with Checksum Systems will save you time and frustration. Let our team of expert technicians handle:

  • services

    Flexibility StrugglesCan you easily add or subtract users, trucks, loads, dates, drivers, and customers?

  • services

    Accessibility StrugglesCan your drivers and mobile office staff access the aspects of the fleet management software that they need to function efficiently?

  • services

    Portability StrugglesIs your current fleet management software highly mobile or is it office-bound – maybe “mobile” with a flimsy app that has no real functionality?

  • services

    Functionality Struggles Does the fleet management software and hardware that you are currently using have all of the functions that you need to get the right loads, on the right trucks, to the right destination, and in the right time-frame?

Complete IT management from Checksum Systems gives your distribution and warehousing operation a competitive advantage.

Among the tools Checksum Systems offers you are:

  • Automatic clock-in that syncs with payroll through mobile applications
  • Technology to help reduce driver frustration and help you retain good drivers
  • Load tracking software support integration with NAV or some other ERP
  • Product monitoring – not only location but also monitoring the life of product and temperature the product is kept at
  • Secure “Bring Your Own Device” and fleet communications
  • Support and integration of warehouse inventory tracking software

What Services Does Checksum Systems Offer Distribution and Warehousing Companies in the GTA?

  • Managed IT Services – Making sure your systems are always updated and functioning at their best
  • Cloud Services – Providing you with cost-effective, scalable, mobile-friendly alternatives to in-house IT assets
  • Cybersecurity Services – Leveraging cutting-edge IT security protocols to protect your workflow and data
  • Help Desk Services – Providing day-to-day answers and fast response to troubleshooting requests
  • Business IT Consulting – Helping you with IT-impacted executive decision making by giving you timely information and analytics
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – Securing and saving your data and mission-critical applications for use offsite if required
  • VOIP – Giving you access to modern communication and collaboration tools run on new internet infrastructure
    Supplemental IT Support – Working with internal IT teams to provide specialized expertise for specific one-time projects

What Does the Checksum Team Do to Secure GTA Distribution and Warehousing Operations?

  • Group Policies – Control Access To Info
  • Auditing Capability
  • Firewall Deployed On The Edge
  • Active Directory
  • Endpoint Security