Hosted Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Our Hosted Solutions guarantee 99.9% availability and control while cutting your in-house IT and energy costs. For your core business activities this means a benefit in physical space and enhanced cash flow.

Desktop Virtualization

With our IDV Solution, your business is borderless. Give your staff the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Windows Virtual Desktop is a must for businesses that demand a fully-supported, online corporate desktop. Test Drive our Intelligent Desktop Solution FREE for 30 Days and see how your business can be securely accessed to the Mobile Workforce.

Hybrid Cloud

Create in-house redundancy utilizing our Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Private Cloud

Improve day-to-day business operations without the extraordinary IT start-up costs.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Checksum’s high performance VPS bring you the control of a dedicated server with the availability, flexibility, and simplicity of shared hosting. Our virtual server technology allows you to scale your server seamlessly as your requirements increase without the need to buy additional hardware. Test Drive our Private Hosted Servers FREE for 30 Days and experience how we can provide enterprise-grade infrastructure through a simple VPN.

 Private Hosted Networks

Hosted in our data centre, your Virtual LAN (VLAN), is reserved purely for your servers. If needs be, we can set up multiple VLANs for you, separating servers into security zones. We can provide you with secure permission-based access for your users via remote-access virtual private networks (VPN).

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Our VPNs are a secure site-to-site encrypted internet ‘tunnel’ that allows your users to get seamless and secure access to your systems hosted in the Cloud. We can cater for multiple location businesses by creating separate VPNs which will give your users efficient and universal access.Remote Access VPN is also available for remote workers to access their VLAN from individual machines anywhere in the world.

Security of a Virtual Dedicated Firewall (VDF)

Our virtual dedicated firewall service allows you access to hosted servers from the internet and vice versa, while keeping the servers secure and ensuring you have detailed control over who is allowed to connect to what.