Email Encryption


Avoid compliance issues and send confidential data with confidence. Get CipherMail Pro from Checksum and experience true user-to-user encryption with just one click

Email can travel a long way before it hits your inbox. With CipherMail Pro from Checksum, you’ll avoid prying eyes along the way. With one click, CipherMail Pro encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient – with the proper password – can read the message.

Other services protect your message only from one server to another. Access to the server means access to your private information. CipherMail Pro email encryption gives you true mailbox-to-mailbox security, no matter where your email goes in between. That keeps your confidential information safe and helps your business remain compliant.

Mobile Device Support

You need to access your secure messages no matter where you are, and CipherMail Pro has you covered.

CipherMail Pro allows you to send and receive encrypted email, track your sent messages, and open secure attachments from anywhere. Create, read and reply to secure messages on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry platforms. All of the features of CipherMail Pro email encryption, including real-time tracking, large file transfers, compliance services and many others, are available on your mobile device.

Optimized to minimize device battery and bandwidth consumption, CipherMail Pro provides easy and secure access to your encrypted messages without the need to store confidential and sensitive data on your mobile device. That means losing your phone doesn’t mean losing critical information. And administrators can quickly enable or disable access from the Secure Message Center (Webmail) so no one can use a lost or stolen device to access your account.