IT Consulting

See for yourself how partnering with Checksum can save time and bolster efficiency organization-wide

IT Strategy | Audits

We work with businesses looking to invest in IT – and before we make any kind of recommendations, we’ll need to assess what you’re trying to do, and the IT tools you use at the moment. So, our first step will be to sit down with you, learn about your business and ask the right questions to get an initial picture of your needs.

From that first picture, we can build a specific audit plan to assess your existing IT against current industry standards and help you identify the gaps you need to, plus the opportunities where we know technology investment will make a positive step-change for your business.

We believe firmly that the one strategy we must work within is your business strategy. We’ll highlight any inconsistencies we find between your IT tools, systems and processes now and what you need to achieve your business aims. In terms of strategy, we’ll then work with you to agree the service or solution that’s the best fit for your organization.

Full IT Services

From planning, design through to implementation and ongoing management.

IT Strategy

We come up with solutions based on industry standards and best practices.


Checksum in partnership with TechSavvy, can design and install a unified communications network for you enabling to run both voice calls and data over your PC network. Commonly called a UC Environment, this can be a major cost saver. And the benefits don’t end with cost reductions. On the IT side, you’ll have just one network to manage rather than two, while the applications we can build for you on your network will help you improve employee efficiency, and respond to your customers more efficiently.

Structured Cabling

It’s not sexy, but get it right and it can be a tremendous business asset. Get it wrong, and you could put your business under threat. You need effective cabling to physically link your IT assets and to ensure your network runs efficiently as possible. We’ll make that happen for you.

Our engineers will assess your needs, design and install the right structured cabling system to ensure your network can operate fully effectively. We work both on new installations and on existing infrastructure when you need to add extra network points.
All our engineers are Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7, and fiber certified.