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Checksum Systems offers your GTA business the choice of a fully outsourced or supplemental IT department. We specialize in providing Managed IT Services to businesses ranging in size from 10 users to 300+.

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Who is Checksum Systems?

The founders of Checksum Systems made their careers working in Managed IT Services from as early as 2000. With a desire to provide more hands-on IT support for the small to mid-sized business market, Checksum Systems was launched in 2007.

The Checksum Systems company culture focuses on getting the job done right the first time. We pride ourselves on being ruthlessly efficient, and we won’t rest until we have crafted an IT environment that maximizes your current IT assets to support peak productivity and optimized workflow for your business.

What Makes Checksum Systems Unique?

The Checksum Systems’ team takes the time to learn our customers’ business from top to bottom. We firmly believe building relationships on the solid foundation of listening and trust is the key to providing the IT support your GTA business needs to succeed.

As a purveyor of products and services, we are most interested in implementing and supporting IT tools that will bring measurable, noticeable differences for your GTA business.

With Checksum Systems, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how much IT support you need.

Choose from the following Toronto IT services packages
to best meet your GTA business’ needs:

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    Fully Outsourced IT Support

    Our full-service package places your IT assets entirely in our hands to receive the benefits of a corporate IT department without having the hassle of additional overhead.

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    Supplemental IT Assistance

    Already have an internal IT department? Why not off-load non-revenue generating IT items to us to allow your in-house technology experts to focus on more pertinent ROI activities?

Is Checksum Systems the Toronto IT Company for You?

We love to work with straightforward people who are passionate about their industry. If you’re looking for a team that understands the fundamental role that optimized technology makes in improving efficiencies and supporting productivity, you will love the Checksum Systems approach to Managed IT Services. Our focus is on providing you with comprehensive IT care to bring you top-tier security, improved workflow, and greater profitability through enriched office efficiencies.

What Makes Checksum Systems Different?

Checksum Systems is a company that cares about the growth and success of your GTA business. We go above and beyond for our clients and focus on providing you with a customized IT environment which is leveraged to help you meet your company goals.

We focus on personalized customer experience. Our group of expert technicians are friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and professional. When you work with our engineers, they speak in plain language your employees can understand.

Checksum Systems offers you:

  • IT Support Done Right the First Time
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing Sure to Fit Any Budget
  • Dependable, Expert IT Advice Each Time You Call
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

What Services Does Checksum Systems Offer to GTA Businesses?

  • Managed IT Services – Making sure your systems are always updated and functioning at their best
  • Cloud Services – Providing you with cost-effective, scalable, mobile-friendly alternatives to in-house
    IT assets
  • Cybersecurity Services – Leveraging cutting-edge IT security protocols to protect your workflow and
  • Help Desk Services – Providing day-to-day answers and fast response to troubleshooting requests
  • Business IT Consulting – Helping you with IT-impacted executive decision making by giving you
    timely information and analytics
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – Securing and saving your data and mission-critical
    applications for use offsite if required
  • VOIP – Giving you access to modern communication and collaboration tools run on new internet
  • Supplemental IT Support – Working with internal IT teams to provide specialized expertise for specific
    one-time projects

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