Remote IT Services & IT Support For Southern Ontario Companies

Can You Give Us Remote Access to Our Data and Workflow?

Today, businesses are expected to do more. Travel, work all over the world, have uptime 24/7, and provide access to people, systems, and more. Having a chokepoint when it comes to remote collaboration can bring your entire system to its knees and leave you, your employees, and your clients, frustrated.

How Do I Keep My Company Connected and Accessible?

Checksum provides the best in remote access that is fast, secure, and available. With the Managed IT Services that we provide your business, you get a customized workflow experience for your data that puts you in the driver’s seat from any location.

What Does Checksum Provide to Keep My Company Connected?

  • Cloud Services – providing you with cost-effective, scalable, mobile-friendly alternatives to in-house IT assets
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – securing and saving your data and mission-critical applications for use offsite if required
  • Managed IT Services – ensuring sure your systems are up-to-date and running at their most optimal
  • VOIP – giving you access to modern communication and collaboration tools run on new internet infrastructure

What If There is an Emergency? – Keeping Mobile Workers Connected and Building a Mobile Business Continuity Strategy Into Your GTA Company.

No one likes to think about emergencies, but they are a reality of life.

Having a plan in mind is a great start. Having backups and testing them regularly is even better. Checksum does both.

We provide a plan that is kept up to date with any changes or expansions that your business undergoes to ensure that your data and systems can be brought back up in the event of an emergency – on-site, and if that’s not possible, in the cloud.

That means storing data in the cloud, logging not just your files but also your permissions, users, settings, and security features for a smooth transition that can transfer to remote options easily and efficiently.

Your emergency plans should work with your business, not slow it down.

What Other Remote IT Services Does Checksum Offer Toronto Companies?

Technology allows almost every service in our lineup to be leveraged to help your remote employees and satellite locations work more effectively and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Cybersecurity Services – leveraging cutting-edge IT security protocols to protect your workflow and data
  • Help Desk Services – supplying fast response to troubleshooting requests
  • Business IT Consulting – helping you with IT-impacted executive decision making by giving you timely information and analytics
  • Supplemental IT Support – working with internal IT teams to provide specialized expertise for specific one-time projects

Need Reliable IT Support In Toronto & Southern Ontario?

Give us a call to arrange a free consultation and let us begin forming a plan to keep your company safe into the future.