Network Support Toronto

Downtime is a company killer.

In fact, for enterprise-level companies, downtime can cost thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. According to Rand Group, a leading software management company, over 90% of enterprise-level companies lose $100,000 per hour in downtime. 80% of companies report that the same 60 minutes cost them $300,00 in downtime, and 30% of enterprises lose $1.5 million in just one hour when everything comes to a halt.

How much is downtime costing your business? Maybe a more important question is, What is causing your downtime? If you are like other businesses in Toronto, you may experience downtime due to your IT network breaking down or failing.

It is not uncommon for networks to go down. However, in most cases, it is avoidable. The problem is that you may have worked with Network support Toronto companies that did not address the most common issues associated with IT network failure:

  • Hardware malfunction
  • Cyber attacks
  • Poor infrastructure design
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Lack of scalability
  • Outdated equipment, apps, or software

In fact, network support Toronto companies often operate in reactive mode. What does this mean? They are essentially fix-it companies that only provide support when something goes wrong with your system. While this approach may help you maintain your IT, it doesn’t provide long-term solutions, and it doesn’t help your business grow — quite the opposite.

Proactive Network Support Toronto Companies Must Embrace

At Checksum Systems, we discovered long ago that the only way to help you move your business forward is by providing proactive network support instead of just putting out fires. What is proactive IT network support and how do you tell the difference? The answer to this question will help you find a network company in Toronto that you can truly count on!

Let’s explore the answer below.

Three Levels of Network Support

When you think about it, there are three main reasons why you hire an outsourced IT network company:

  1. To protect your company from cyber attacks and unauthorized users
  2. To prevent (not deal with) potential logistical problems in your network
  3. To find solutions that allow you to grow your business without a lot of hassle

All other reasons for hiring an IT network company fall somewhere under those main reasons. Each of these reasons creates a distinct level of IT support.

Level 1: Protection from Cyber Attacks

When potential clients contact us, the conversation almost invariably turns to cybersecurity. After all, it should come as no surprise that all business owners, executives, managers, and employees fear that they could lose their data, their identity, and, ultimately, their customers.

While this fear is legitimized by the thousands of cyber attacks that occur every day —— many which are successful — some IT companies still utilize old methods for handling the security breach instead of preventing the breach in the first place.

This is no longer acceptable in our industry.

Network support Toronto companies that are truly vested in their clients offer innovative solutions for providing total online protection for their companies. These solutions can prevent successful cyber attacks. Checksum Systems offers a multi-layer approach that covers all areas of your network such as:

  • Email Encryption. User-to-user email encryption with detection that helps your company remain compliant
  • Threat detection. An extra layer of security monitoring on top of what we already offer
  • Threat mitigation. Proactively guards against cyber threats and dealing with them before they occur
  • System scanning & testing. Assessments that identify weaknesses in your network and solutions for fixing them
  • Managed services. IT-related services including Cybersecurity managed by a single expert IT company

Level 2: IT Problem Prevention

The best way to prevent downtime in your business is to hire an outsourced network support Toronto company that can manage your entire network. While this may seem unnerving at first, you will quickly discover that, with the right IT company, a huge burden has just been lifted from your entire team.

Not only will you experience less downtime; you will also experience higher productivity.

Network support companies that provide comprehensive managed IT finds practical solutions for helping you build a more solid infrastructure from the ground up. Checksum Systems IT experts can assess your current setup and make recommendations on what equipment, hardware, and software you need.

What is included in our managed IT services?

  • Cloud services
  • Data storage and backup
  • Cybersecurity
  • VoIP communication setup and management
  • Hardware, software, & equipment upgrades
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Business continuity
  • Complete remote Help Desk and on-site support

Whether you are a law firm, healthcare provider, warehouse & distribution center, or a small to mid-sized business, we can handle your entire network, reduce your downtime, and increase your productivity in all areas of IT.

Level 3: Business Development & Expansion

You may not realize it, but network support Toronto companies provide services and solutions that are at the heart of your business growth. In fact, most businesses are so reliant on IT, that they would crumble overnight if their IT network suddenly disappeared.

Checksum Systems understands our role in your company’s sustainability. This is why we offer proactive solutions that move your business forward. As a part of our IT services, we also provide full strategic IT consulting.

We sit down with you to come up with every possible way of helping you grow your business. We start by designing a scalable network. Every component in your infrastructure can easily adapt fluidly as your business expands in any direction. We can help you come up with solutions for providing better customer service, higher employee productivity, and simpler, more secure platforms.

Our IT consulting includes:

  • On-demand executive-level IT advice
  • Optimized IT infrastructure to help you meet your goals
  • Additional support for IT projects
  • Greater uptime and network security
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Ongoing assessments of IT assets
  • Regular IT reporting and data analytics
  • Guidance for industry-specific regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing customization of IT assets
  • Implementation of new IT solutions and regular upgrades

Let Our Network Support Help You Grow Your Toronto Business

If you are looking for network support Toronto companies you can count on, then your search is over. Checksum Systems offer reliable network support for all areas of your IT.

We are here to help you grow your business and solidify your IT infrastructure. To schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call us today at (416) 254-4448. You can also fill out a form on our contact page.