Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

Can Business Continuity Services Keep My Data Protected Against Natural Disasters and Cybercrime?

In today’s commercial climate, businesses are extremely vulnerable if not properly protected. Many of today’s companies are dependent upon their technology to operate at peak capacity. Compliance regulations are strict and unforgiving. As a result, keeping a company’s data safe is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Checksum Systems believes that a proactive approach to data backup and recovery is key to keeping your critical data and sensitive information safe from cybercriminals or data loss as a result of unforeseen natural disaster, storms, or emergency situations.

Toronto Business Continuity Services

What Can I Expect from Checksum Systems Data Backup and Business Continuity Service?

  • Offsite Cloud Backup – The Checksum Systems cloud data centres give our valued clients additional backup and storage options for their critical data and sensitive information. We use cutting-edge data encryption services to include an added layer of protection against data theft and cybercrime.
  • Cloud Virtualization Services – Cloud virtualization allows our clients to access their files and virtual workflow from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring & Validation – Our approach to providing secure data backup hinges on regular monitoring and validation to keep our clients’ data properly stored at all times. This proactive strategy helps to prevent loss or contamination of files and allows for quick and easy data recovery if it is ever required.
  • Regular Testing – Checksum Systems believes all plans should be tested to ensure they operate as intended. To this end, we regularly test our business continuity strategies to be certain that things work according to plan. This critical component of our Business Continuity Services provides our clients with the assurance that should a disaster occur; their data and workflow are both safe and recoverable.
  • Business Continuity Consulting – We implement regular assessments of our clients’ current business practices to shore up any potential vulnerabilities within their current workflow and strategies. Armed with this information, we can then detect potential risk factors and fortify them with the appropriate security measures.
  • Regular Onsite Backup – Checksum Systems manages all of their clients’ onsite servers and IT assets, ensuring regular backups.
  • Scalable Services – For businesses requiring additional storage space, Checksum Systems has everything you need. Our services are completely scalable, allowing you to adjust your technology needs as your business grows.
  • Customized Backup and Disaster Recovery – Because every business is unique, Checksum Systems customizes each IT element within a company’s workflow to be certain that all their IT assets are recoverable should disaster strike.
  • Image Backups – All image files are sent to the Checksum Systems data centre daily. This proactive approach gives our clients the confidence that all of their important photos, documents, and data are protected and accessible to them whenever they are needed.