Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Are you concerned that your business will fail in the event of a disaster? See how consistent backups help protect your business from hackers, ransomware and natural disasters.  

Protecting your business assets starts with ensuring that you are able to bring your telecommunications and infrastructure systems back up after an incident — but that requires a great deal of planning. Without the right guidance on backups and disaster recovery, your business is only a few steps away from potential disaster.

At Checksum, we have the knowledge and experience that you need to create a proactive approach to business continuity.

  • Strong Partnerships. Our team recommends Acronis for best-in-class data protection and disaster recovery solutions for physical, cloud, virtual and mobile environments. Improve compliance and validate backups with ease.
  • Customized Strategies. Not every business requires to-the-minute backups. At Checksum, we specialize in creating a business continuity solution that supports the unique needs of your business.
  • Consistent Availability. You need to know that your staff and customers are always able to access your business systems. Trust your backups to the professionals at Checksum and be confident your business is protected.

What Types of Services Are Included in Checksum’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Package?

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business systems are protected by world-class, enterprise-scale solutions at an affordable price. Backed by Acronis’s award-winning technology, our flexible backup and data recovery solutions allow you to fully restore anything from a single file to an entire server with the same level of convenience. The technical professionals at Checksum will help evaluate the needs of your business, document best practices and ensure that you have the correct solutions in place to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

  • A comprehensive risk assessment and business impact analysis is often the first step in business continuity planning. During this stage, your internal team will work with Checksum to determine the risks that are most likely to impact your business. For instance, if you live near a flood plain, that particular risk would be addressed first.
  • Determining Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). How long can your business survive without significant damage such as loss of revenue, unacceptable data loss or poor customer experiences caused by a lack of access to critical business systems and data? That’s your RTO — and we set that as the hard deadline for quickly getting systems back online. Your RPO determines exactly how much data loss is acceptable.
  • Creating a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy that involves more than technology teams. It is also vital that business leaders and managers understand the impact of a disaster and how to effectively communicate during and after an incident.
  • Focus on remediation of any items that do not meet the RTO and RPO objectives, ensuring that your business is more resilient and able to recover in the event of a cybersecurity incident or other disaster.
  • Ongoing review of the solutions and strategies in place, to ensure your business is fully protected both now and in the future.

Working with Checksum, you’ll gain access to some of the most talented and qualified business continuity and disaster recovery professionals in the area.